is there any tekken charactors u hate?

Raven :
vijay_kumar_cute : Why Do so Many of U hate Jin?????

He is Cool .. not as cool as Yoshi but still... I didnt like him till recently when i saw a video of Devil Jin Vs YoshiMitsu.....

He got Wings... he got style....and He is a Devil.... what else do u want :D

I hate Jin because he?s been over exposed. He gets all the storyline focus, yet I don?t find him interesting at all. In fact, the only Mishima I actually like is Heihachi. The Tekken storyline needs to take a different turn for once and take Jin out of the spotlight a bit.

Devil Jin > Devil Kazuya though.

i know what you mean next tekken game is not out and he is the prime player already, i mean tekken 3 and 4 ok, but now they have gone over the top.

oh and not that im sticking up for koga but, it was just a story and maybe her adding bruce to the story was a must not because she wanted to.