RPG game - please read and leave a comment!!!

Fabolous idea, Clar :D

Lets do just that ;D

Ok, ok - But a thing i'd like from all of you is something like something of a character scheme. I've got some ideas of how i emagine this to look like, and it gives a better idea of how you want yourself to be like.

Maybe you even have a screenshot of your chacatcer or similar.

Beforee you post any replies to this post, i'd like to EDIT and post in my idea of such a scheme.

Furthermore i want you all to think of enviroments you'd like in our story. I'm thinking something like the envioroment from Naruto. An enviroment that is a thing of the past, but yet, still remains present.

(To all of you who does not know of Naruto, it is a japanese anime series - a story about a young boy training in the arts of the ninja. They're somewhat a reserved community, and hence, does not know much about the world outside. Could be ideal for our story?)