RPG game - please read and leave a comment!!!

Indeed we should. But the question is just if people are willing to put that little efford into it, or they just perfeer the typical "Bang, you're dead" reply like in DTPA.

Well, i'm having my fun making up these crazy stories. I've even used like two and a half hour writing a reply to the DTPA this morning.

But as for this RPG-stuff i've spoken of, i'm ready to spit in a little efford, and do whatever i can to make it work. Of course, people are diffrent, and as i spoke of in my previous post, i feel rules often choke the fun. But i do have my ideas of how i want a possible RPG universe to be like.

If we debate stuff like enviroment, time and, perhaps leaves stuff like entities/races completely optional we might end up with having everyone's desires filled. But then again - what if two people want two enviroments or time ages. Well - democracy for the win, right? :D