RPG game - please read and leave a comment!!!

Hello, all!

Throughout my time here at the yTS, i've encountered lots of great folks - both boys and girls, and had my part in several threats and such.
- But one of these threats really caught my attention!

Some months ago, some crazy person got the idea of making this "Destroy the poster above"-threat which has been one huge source of inspiration, learning and not the least - fun!!!

I've really enjoyed "exploring" this imaginary text based world of mass-killing, fantasy-massacre, and, likewise, putting an efford into my posts (expanding them from "Bang, you're dead - haha!" into half a page of blood-shed) - well, some of the time that is.
Some months ago, jfdhfjug, as he calls himself, (never really figured out what that name is all about - lol!) PM'ed me with an interesting suggestion.
- A text based RPG!

But like too many other good ideas we never got much further than the talking of this. So i've decided to slam my fist into the table, and break the habit - this idea is just too good to skip.
Therefore, i'd like to hear from all of you loyal yTS members what you think of this idea!

Note that it's far from developed, and nothing has yet been determined - only discussed. This is, of course where you enter the picture!
I'm imagining it could be lots of fun and entertaining, if everyone put just a little effort into this - if it ever comes to be that is!!!

Well... We were thinking of this as, like i mentioned above, some kind of text based RPG game - abit like "Destroy the poster above" sometimes are. But this time with a little more structure to it - such as a determined time period, enviroment (Are we battling throughout the old middle age in hand-to-hand combat with swords, shields & magical powers, laying in the mud in some trench during World War II, or perhaps far out, in outer space, fighting out alien monsters with laser guns, light sabres) etc, etc.

The thing that really draws me near that D.T.P.A. Threat is that it really never dies! Theres always some crazy person showing up, leaving a kick-ass, post of how he slew the enemy.
Maybe D.T.P.A. Will remain as it is, or maybe people will agree to mine and jf...(Well, whatever his name is)'s idea, and perhaps find out how we manage to create such an idea.

Well, before i go any further, explaining all about my thought on this, i'd be pleased if you could give me alittle feedback of what you think of this - even throw in your ideas for this game of ours.

With kind regards,