Yoshi skill project

There are NEW MOVES that have been recently discovered, all can be done out of KI Charge:

1.) 1+2+3+4, b,f,u,d+1+4 - Poison Sword Spin, causing Crumple Fall... it wouldn't be so strange if Yoshi didn't spin his sword AND exhale poisonous fumes at the same time!

2.) This works only when facing Bryan. 1+2+3+4, b,f,u,d+3+4 - ...it's The Poison Knee Taunt! Yoshi does a Knee Taunt just the same as Bryan has, but at the same time he exhales stunning poisonous Bad Breath that, if hits, stuns for good (similar stun to the one from Kamikaze). Yup, it means a free f,f+1+4 suicide and a combo for 72 points.

P.S. Maaaaan... Yoshi really, really don't like Bryan, LOL. He taunts him just as good as Bryan does him.

These moves look just great! Haha, I have been recently wondered "dammit, I wish Yoshi had a decent taunt in standing position", and taa daa! Just as I wanted it. :D