Spotting ones mistakes!

Counter-defensive strategy... It was well-described in my FAQ. It has some risk-factor, but overally is very safe.

Firstly, by being defensive you have more time to figure out what you do wrong.
Then, being counter-defensive relies on:

1. Making opponent whiff (you cheat attack and backdash out of range. If opponent attacks, you have a free launcher on whiff) at the distance.
2. Doing short, uninterruptable custom string on block and backdashing (also hunting for whiff).

1. You do a fast-recovering move and counter any attack try. Because this attack is usually long-ranged, it's usually quite slow. Beware Mishimas and Marduk.
2. Using stances at the distance.

1. Use random fast-recovering move, hoping to KD or launch opponent (d/f+2, u/f+4 or so)

Medium-range(switching to close range)
1. Using moves on block (like d/f+2, WS+2, d/f+4, D/B+2,2, b+1, D/B+3,3,4, d/f+1,1 etc.) to launch true countering strategies and mixups. You have the chance to break ice and start the offensive attack.

Here you enter the risk factor wich is strongly connected with your ability to predict. Generarly, You mix up between SS+1, Sword Sweep, u/f+3, low punches, f+1+2, b+1+2 and other more risky moves, predicting opponent's retaliation after their blocking a move.

On hit, you continue offensive. Best hit is launch to the juggle ended with okizeme.

ok, gonna go by now, see ya :)