Spotting ones mistakes!


I can tell you that the "learning" attitude can be trained. :) Firstly, if you get hit, it means you did a mistake. :D Secondly, you have to know WHAT was that mistake, and in order to realize that, you can cathegorize the game in a couple of issues.

1. The spacing issue. Did you whiff? Why did you whiff? Did your opponent sidestep or backdash? Or maybe you wrongly evaluated the spacing?

2. The timing issue. Did you get countered? If yes, then was this because:
- you or he blocked a move? If yes, then evaluate the disadvantages or advantages and either block or do a faster move.
- you both attacked from the distance? Then it's only the timing issue. Change the timing or use a faster move.
- it was a crushing move? Then use anti-crushing techniques.

3. The disadvantages issue. Were you punished? If yes, next time try a better setup. If you were punished more than once, then your opponent is familiar with the move and most probably will punish you all the time. So beware.

4. The anti-strategy issue. You were hit by the move that:
- catches sidesteps? Don't sidestep next time or sidestep cautiously.
- catches backdash? Don't backdash anymore. (use sidestep)
- is a crush? Parry? Reversal? Try a mixup.

If you do many mistakes, it's always best to retreat and/or backdash, switching to the countering/defensive mode.

hope that I helped. Remember the opponent's move and your move, and cathegorize... then chose the anti-strategy... it's simplier than you think.