How's the general skill levels like in your contry?

Very philosophical approach, Kazuya. I also used to support myself with all these thoughts, very similar ones if not identical.

The truth is that every time I want to specify my level, I fail. I just cannot judge myself. Thinking about myself drastically lower my performance. Now all what I see is training that I must perform every day. Or rather my lack of trainings that make me achieve the places on tourneys I deserve. The correlation between amount of trainings and the place in tourneys is clearly seen. Last time I had a lot of trainings, and I won third place. Another time I didn't train a lot, and I was 16th. The results speak for themselves.

Your performance depends on your trainings (and so your skill, being comfortable with your controller and doing what you want), flexibility and well-thought tactics born from concentration and determination. Of course the more experience you have, the better for your imagination.

That's pretty much all... no higher thoughts. I came to this conclusion seeing top Polish players, as Robson. He just plays, trains and makes countless analyzis. He has the mind of strategist. Adopted what's useful, recejted what's not... and just plays and wins.
The only thing that counts is the amount of training before the tourney. If he's served with extensive free sparrings, he will surely win.

Of course it doesn't mean I don't want to know the mind games you spoke about, Kazuya. ^^ I also have some of them up my sleeve, we can share them if you want. :)

cheers :)