The blood ring comics

Yeah, I visit the site every now and then. I really, really like some of the pics, and they do serve as a source of inspiration sometimes. It would help, though, if I understood all the explanations of the pics.

One of my definite favorites is the blue'ish pic of Bryan, with "Sony" written upside down. I liked it so much I made a pic very much like it in the art lessons at school, using pastels. :D

But there was one pic that made me loose a night's sleep. As far as I can tell, there's Bryan in the pic, alright, and he's wearing his dog tag and all, but... what on earth is the meaning of the foot in the pic? O_O"

I literally spent a night, my eyes wide open, just pondering the pic. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to know what the text said beneath it...

Edit: Paid a visit to the pic and checked what it was called. Believe me or not, the comment of the pic was "ごめんなさい" - "Gomen nasai" "Forgive me". Wooot? :dontgetit

Edit II:
Now, if anyone's interested, Yoshimitsu has made his appearance in the first part of the series. It's called Path of Endurance (there's a link in my sig to it). Yoshi comes in in chapter 12.

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