The blood ring comics

I was too busy to complete the next page, but I'm finishing up page 91 at the moment, so... :D

I won't tell much of the attack in The Blood Ring, because it will be included in the first part (Path of Endurance) with greater detail.

***If anyone is reading/going to read the first part of my story series (The Blood Ring is actually part II of the series), there are spoilers incoming:***

Brianna, being ten years older than Bryan, was the closest thing to a mother Bryan ever had. Their mother died giving birth to Bryan, and soon afterwards their father became an alcoholist. Brianna quit school to take care of her brother. After their father became extremely violent, she fled from their home with Bryan.

The story behing the fight I mentioned in The Blood Ring occured as following; Brianna came home late from work, when she saw a Japanese couple walking in the rough part of downtown. The couple got attacked by a random(?) gang of thugs, and Brianna decided to help them out. You can guess how surprised she was to find out how good a fighter the Japanese man was. The man's wife was pregnant, but she managed to escape from the scene after the man - Yoshimitsu - told her to. The gang focused its attack on Brianna, who would've got shot if Yoshimitsu hadn't "disarmed" the gunner.

Pages 89, 90 and 91 up. :p

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