Character creation challenge

Geez. You should have tried the first AvP. Much darker, much scarier and much, much faster! The Yautjas were true cetanu's! xD
Hah.. I remember i used to call myself Yautja Guan (predators night) back then. After a while, playing i became member of a clan called Species Slayers. And boy did we have fun! Somewhere in between i found myself gaming 24/7. Aah, yes. The good ol' days! :D
Unfortunetly, i never really got to play against my RL friends. Though, i met a guy there. Which later on became my best friend. He was one hell'ave player too. He even managed to beat one of the best clans; "The Blitz" - all alone. I, myself, never had a chance against him when we played. I usually ended up trying to run away from him - unfortunetly he, of course, played either sniper or runner - so he always caught me. xD Or at least his bullets did! :P
Oh well - the talking has no end. :D

- But if you're up for a game sometime, that would be awesome! ;)

Bout the "Bryanna vastaan Reese" fight. (:D) Sure she's more the assault type rather than a psychic one, but i'd bet she'd do just fine. Besides; Reese has trouble fryin' the brains of a cyborg. xD
Plus; Yoshi will sure teach him to fight fairly. Hence no throwing people around through psychic abilities, causing 'em mental feedback etc. (Yohsi tought him his Ninja techniques for a reason, you know! :p).