Character creation challenge

Thanks alot, you too. And probs to you too, Koga'. Bryanna sure seems tough! (I'll have a look at your story l8r) ;)

As for that pic; Yeah, well. That may be a bit of a problem for me. primarily i haven't got a scanner or similar, so a drawing might turn out to be rather troublesome to post.
As for my inspiration; My main inspiration source was, in fact, Yoshi himself! ;) In his blue costume form, that is. Besides that, i'm a big fan of science fiction; And so i came up with the idea of a highly evolved alien. Tekken already got all kinds of weirdos who, somehow don't really fit in - such as deamons, animals and so forth - So why not add an alien to the rooster? :D
But as i said, Reese looks very similar to Yoshimitsus blue costume, just a bit taller. He might turn out diffrent when i get a picture done. But the blue suit remains my inspiration source.
Reese is a Yoshimitsu/protoss-hybrid. Ninja techniques combined with immense psychic abilities.
And just like Yoshi, this "guy" also has a weapon. But inlike Yoshi, my idea was a blade made out of concentrated psionic energies - just like the Protoss Zealots seen in StarCraft.

Well. I'll try to fix a picture sooner or later. My drawing skills ain't that great, but i'll give it a shot anyway.
- As long as it doesn't have to look human it may turn out just fine. :D I'll see what i can do. ;)

Btw. I just noticed you mentioned AvP2 as being one of your favorite games?
- I'm a big fan of that universe myself, you see! I've played it all since AvP1 was released. I just... Love it! One of my absolute favorites through times! :love
- What class/race was your favorite, and which did you play? :D


Ps. I'd like to see a battle between Reese and Bryanna. Those two would be awesome to merge into the same story IMO! ;)