Character creation challenge


Okay, okay.

I've finally finalizedmy idea, and here it is:

Name: Reese
Origin: Unknown
Fighting Style: Manji Ninja Arts and Immense Psychic Abilities.
Age: 397
Height: 1,80 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Learning Ninja Arts
Hobby: None Yet
Likes: Yoshimitsu, Strawberries & Ice Cream
Dislikes: G. Corp, Water

In late 1970's, an unknown space vessel crashed on earth. The G. Corporation, that soon learned of this, soon lead a team to the crash site to claim the vessel. While exploring the vessel, the team came to discover an unknown lifeform - a living alien! Rughly sustained, the alien was brought back to an underground research facility in Nebraska. Unable to aid the creature with medical assistance, the G. Corporation had to face the fact, that the creature would not live for another week.

The alien, which they thought few days from death would, all the sudden show to be fully alive and sparkling. Unaware of how this came to be, scientists carried on various experients and came to learn, that the creature possessed highly sophisticated psychic abilities - including highly evolved regeneration abilities. The creature was ever since the crash kept secret from the public, and hence, being a top classified project, they baptized the creature with the codename; Reese.

Friday, 25th of December, G. Corporation facilities was raided by groups, led by one known as Heihachi Mishima.
During the assault, the Tekken Force squad was obliterated by another of G. Corps projects; Kazuya. Shortly thereafter, the facility was burnt, and the speciment awoke from its hibernation. Covered in flames, the creature broke out of it's stasis tank and fled the burning scene.
The alien, which found itself lost and all alone, would now seek out for aid through its psychic abilities. Miles away, another soul was suddently confronted by an unknown voice in his mind, a voice calling for aid. Then, the voice vanished and only silence remained.

With years passed, and the strange episode long gone, Yoshimitsu is yet again to find himself experincing the very same voice in his inner. He suddently recalls the earlier happenings, and come to recognize the voice. Though, unlike the happenings years back, he is now caught in a much stronger, much more concentrated and almost aching state of mind. But, like before, the voice again comes to vanish from his mind. Now, being with a clear mind, Yoshimitsu suddently feels the prescence of someone nearby. He turns to find himself confronted by a tall shape, covered in darkness and with red, glowing eyes.
Yoshimitsu soon learns of the aliens story. Faced with this, Yoshimitsu offers the creature his aid; A promise he soon will come to realise becoming his toughest challenge yet!

G. Corp which has learned their speciment survived the inferno now seeks out to find and claim it back - no matter the cost.

Well, lemme know what you think about it :) - Hit me! :D

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