Fox step dance

To download, just click the movies. They'll be soon available in downloads section. Some of you may not realize the difficulty of some parts, the timing is tricky sometimes. I delayed the BT flash on purpose to show you that they're not buffered. :)

Blue Yoshi movie (after solar kick all things are BT):
f,f+1+2,n,u+1+4, D/B+2,2,2, BT 3, u+1+2,2~d, D/B+1+2,n, D/B+2,2,2, u+1+4, N ,u+1+4, BT 3, D/B+1+2~4.

Space ninja movie:
f,f+1+2,n,u+1+4, D/B+2,2,2, BT 3, D/B+1+2, D/B+2,2,2, u+1+4, N ,u+1+4, D/B+2,2,2, BT 3, ss~3+4~f~U/F+4(hopkick), 3+4~f+3, D/B+2,2,2, ss+3+4,b N (end) :)