The blood ring comics

A silent voice inside me tells me to shut up. I ain't gonna listen. :D

1) Yoshimitsu saved Bryan because Boskonovitch requested ("I'm certain you are wondering why. It's bevause we need your cooperation). If Bryan knew he needed help from Yoshimitsu, he'd keep damn sure nothing ain't gonna happen to him. Yoshi may have (and propably did) thought about Bryan's well-being while saving him, which Bryan certainly wouldn't be bothered with, but it was the advantage that was the main idea.

2) Aye, Bryan likes solitary - so do I. That doesn't mean I hate everyone. I like my friends, but I like to keep distance, too. If I'd see them every day (except school, 'course) I'd go nuts. Besides, what's with Bryan's TTT animation with Bruce, then?

3) Okay, Yoshi is more helpful fellow than Bryan. Doesn't that come with the occupation?

Now I better shut up before someone really throws a moonsault slayer at me...

PS. You think Bryan's sadistic? You should see me during our Judo-matches! LOL :D