The blood ring comics

Is that what you meant by "Yoshimitsu not exactly in my type"? Disobedience must be punished! I totally support him. Otherwise, how anybody imagine Yoshi ruling the Manji clan? The Manjitou isn't a nice groupie, it's a band of outlaws whom Yoshimitsu showed a right way. He took them from shadows and gave a purpose, the aim to fulfill. But still, they're brutes, they must be controlled. Of course not everyone, but most of them. (just read his Tekken 2 story)

Still, I don't think Bryan and Yoshi are alike. :) Yoshimitsu has a code of honour, Bryan doesn't have any. Bryan isn't altruistic. He likes loneliness, he doesn't like ANYBODY. He's mean, malicious, cruel. (look at his animations! With Lei: "such a supercop you are!" He loves seeing PAIN, causing pain, he's even sadistic! Look at his ending animations after battle! Do you think Yoshi would beat his opponents even after K.O.? ) Yoshimitsu is easy-going, helping anybody (he even helped Xiaoyu! Would Bryan even care about her???), devoted to his aim, he's old-fashioned but his heart is warm.

No, they're DEFINITELY not similar... The discipline in the Manjitou is strictly another story.