Strategy exchange

Call me dumb!

I think you already knew about d/b+1~f immediate FC cancel after this low punch? I learned it not so long ago.
I have to do massive update in my FAQ, because this trick is FANTASTIC!

on block:

d/b+1~F+1+2 - is a total high-crushing technique, evading during whole animation, even tends to evade some mids. Yoshi even doesn't stand up! It's like doing a standing-position-move from FC position!

d/b+1~f~b+1+2 - this is amazing! It evades moves up to 16 frames, all of them! Uppercuts, mids, I think even hopkicks! I tested it againts Yoshi's d/f+1,1, d/f+4, d/f+2 and all things missed! Of course it falls prey to longer strings of jabs and long-ranging mid moves such as deathfist.
But still it's amazing! I'll put it to more extensive analyzis.

Not to mention:
d/b+1~f+1+4 - fast flash
d/b+1~f~b+3+4 it evades just about everything.

And imagine I didn't knew about all of this sweetness! Until now.

Call me dumb!