Strategy exchange

Apparently, evasive spin (b+3+4...) is now so good that it will dodge certain attacks and leave your opponent open for a Back Throw, Yoshi facing towards the opponent. I'm not able to test this, since I don't have Tekken 5, but apparently Bryan's b+1 and f,f+4 will enable Yoshi to use this strategy.

If there is ever a time where you've jumped over your opponent and landed BT+4, you can use f,f+3+4,1+2 on their back for massive damage if they decide to get up or roll forwards. I constantly use U/F,N+4, which makes it easy to employ this strat.

WS+2, d+1+4 is a powerful new wall combo. WS+2 is also a safe attack, and is relatively fast. Use this at your own risk, as it depletes health.

Ending juggles with f+2,d/b+2,2,2... has its rewards. Replace the last hit of certain juggles with f+2 and if you're close to a wall you'll land a few d/b+2's.

You can also replace b+1, f+3+4_f+3 in a juggle with u/f+4. This will slam them down, and d/f+3 is guaranteed if your opponent decides to do anything except stay down. Perhaps f+3+4 will also hit, I'm not sure.

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