Plague 2020

I live in New England, USA - here COVID is very bad, but my state is doing somewhat better than other states. I'm expecting another lockdown soon tbh. 

As for my life personally, not much has changed except now my appointments are over webcam, and I no longer attend support groups as they were cancelled. I still take walks when the weather is warmer, and always wear my mask.

The majority of my friends are online/long distance, so I didn't notice a difference socially. Sometimes I did go to the club with my brothers and their girlfriends, but that was really not my scene - I'm a homebody, truth be told.

The art community, PaperDemon {where I am a volunteer community moderator} did start hosting voice chat meetups on Discord every other weekend, as an effort to bring people together during this difficult time of social distancing, so I get my social fix in. =^.^=

I also socialise {and entertain myself} by watching art and video game livestreams and hang out in the chats there: I like watching BogusRed {founder of PaperDemon} livestream her art, and, depending on if I catch it in time, I will occasionally watch Portessa livestream Tekken with AK Fan1234 - I'm sure you recognise those usernames, heh. :)

There's also the guys at the RichAlvarez channel on YouTube who livestream video games, mostly Nintendo.

Now, on the serious side, I do have anxiety about COVID - for example my brother Micky has co-workers who were exposed to the virus, and he is going to take a COVID test on Thursday. My other brother Robert's room mate has COVID, so he has direct exposure. I worry about my brothers, and naturally I don't want to catch it myself, even if I know I'd survive as opposed to some loved ones we have with autoimmune diseases to whom the virus would be deadly, even fatal.