Plague 2020

I've been avoiding posting in this thread, because... well i didn't want to sound like a douche or something. Truth is that, besides peoples moaning and frustrations about hasher the restrictions that's now being reinforced (masks in public places, and only 10 people at home, ect.), It's pretty much my normal life for the most part, i'm not really good with big gatherings, and the whole lockdown at the start, was brilliant for my mental health. I could live like this without much struggle, if needed for the "greater good" I don't really have a great time around the "normal life" lol 

I've been seeing the same few people over the last + half a year (damn time flies by) and that's been enough socially for my liking. I've been doing my exerising, playing some guitar and i've been hitting tekken again (thanks to for portessa and my friends!)  and for what it's worth, i've been realising how little i need in life really to be happy. Quite liberating! 

I'm glad that the danish govenment and my fellow danes have been great, and mature about handling the covid situation, i could imagine the frustrations if i weren't that fortunate, and that my country overall safety net weren't as strong. I'm crossing my fingers for you'll be save and happy as well :)