Alternatives for writing Manji?

Hey there, fellow Manjis!
I have a question to ask you: I am a regular at a very local tournament in a gaming bar, all is great. Some time ago, there came a new regular who also mains Yoshi, and just yesterday I had the idea to create Manji Clan T-Shirts for us, since he sees me as his mentor and it's all nice and stuff. Problem is this: Manji is written with the Swastika, and we live in Germany. I know we are not prmonoting Nazis and all, but I assume if I was to go to the bar in a shirt that featured the Swastika anywhere at all, I would get a load of bad looks. So, I did some research and found this
"The swastika is a religious symbol in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. In Japanese language it can be written as 万字, 卍字, 卍 or 卐. In Buddhism, swastika could represent infinity; as a matter of fact the word manji (or wànzì in Mandarin Chinese) literally means "10,000 character", and figuratively "totality character" or "eternity character". " ( ) and I was wondering if there was any warping of the meaning if I used 万字 instead of the Swastika on the shirt?