How did you come to love/find Yoshimitsu?

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I've been playing Tekken since 2004, but I was young then and only played because it was a cool little game my aunt and uncle had (they had Tekken 3, Tag Tournament, and Tekken 4). Yoshimitsu ironically scared the living daylights out of me at the time and I'd go home with nightmares about him. At the time, I just picked any character without any thought, but avoided Yoshimitsu and hated when anyone else picked him because he really freaked me out. And for some reason, witnessing what I thought was a zombie, balancing on his sword like an insect on a perch was frightening beyond belief.

Years later, in 2011 when I was a teen, I picked up Tekken 4 out of an old box in my aunt and uncle's closet. Popped it in my PS2 and immediately picked Yoshimitsu, because he stood out in the character select roster and had a skull mask. At first, I had forgetten about my childhood fear of him and actually had absolutely no memory of the character. That was until I checked out his movelist and saw him do the Flea Stance. The memories came rushing back, but I now liked the character instead of fearing him, especially after playing his story mode.

The next year, my dad took me to a locally owned video game store to buy all the Tekken games 1-5 (including Tag) and I was hooked and fascinated seeing all of these significantly different costumes Yoshimitsu had in them. The one from Tekken 2 shocked me because I only knew what he looked like in 3, Tag and 4, so I thought he was a zombie samurai. Turns out he's a human ninja. The surprises kept coming because I later learned he had an ancestor in another fighting game, so I ended up getting Soul Calibur 2 and 3 shortly after getting the Tekken games.

I consider Yoshimitsu my number 1 favorite video game character, and a fan website dedicated to him is something I think the character really deserves. I main him exclusively in Tekken. I've tried to like and learn the other characters, but they just aren't as likable or as interesting to me as Yoshimitsu is. Though, it's a different story with Soul Calibur. He's actually my secondary main (primary is Mitsurugi).

My favorite Yoshimitsu outfit definitely has to be his secondary outfit from Tekken 4. To me, it's the quinessential Yoshimitsu outfit and a nice remake of his look from the first Tekken game. Yoshimitsu's at his most iconic when he dresses up like a oni/demon, which is why I loved his Genpei Toma Den customizable outfit in Tekken 6.

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