YOT Roadmap

I love that frame data function, it's great and it will be even better, when it has T7 frame data. 

The yoshi quiz sounds like a fun idea and i think that having some more non "hardcore" stuff around here, would be great. I bet it will gain more attraction from yoshi that fans aren't into all this technical stuff. It really does seems intimating to a newcomer, haven't got any clue about fighting games. Heck I was a BIG scurb for years, but I stuck around because I loved the characters.  

More events would be nice. I remember the yots awards back awhile ago, those where fun ^^  As a suggestion for an event, perhaps making some weekly/monthly Manjikai lobbies on psn/steam or something (could work as a fun promotion for the site perhaps)  

I don't really have anything else to add. 

Added 1 minute later:

I found bug or something where it says that message is to short to be posted. It has happened twice in a row, with the same post. Every time i've tried out a smiley it seems to happen. 

It has also happened with personal messages. 

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