Iza iza iza izazazazaaaaa ^^

Hey there and welcome =)

It's always nice to see new people around and hopefully you will enjoy your stay. 
About your tekken and fighting game content, I would glad check it out.
As one who grew up watching tekken fanart and fanfiction, I would be glad to see something besides high level matches and gameplay for once.

I hope you will have more luck with finding people who are into it .but as long as you enjoy whay you do, it will be up to time to do the rest, I mean you found this place and now you have an other person to watch your tekken content  

I don't think anybody will judge you on the language difficulties, I can understand where you're comming from with this, as one who's trying to learn some German and people around here are few and none of them are judgemental. 

Oh and btw check out site files if you already haven't you'll find lot's of awesome yoshi lore and analyses.