Havent We Been Here Before?

I still believe what the site stands for though so as long as there's love for Yoshi and his ideals, then the site should do fine.

Grey, I agree with you! This is perfect! ^_^

Tenshimitsu, I'm happy to find the site is still here, it's just as amazing as I remember. ^_^ I really enjoy reading through all the information on Yoshi-san. :3 As well as the fan works too, always fun and creative! ^-^ I feel like there's always something new to find here! ❤

Yikes about the spam attack. O_O That's gotta suck. I have a few other comments on the site, but I'll keep them revelevant by posting them in the other topic. :)

I know, right?! ^_^ I just adore how agile Yoshi-san is, it especially shows in his mysterious octopus costume! I love that he's an octopus, aside from the terrible jokes, because the octopus represents mystery and intrigue for the Japanese, which goes over most Westerners' heads. ^^; And, absolutely! Take your time, dear one. ^_^ Patience is a virtue, and it always pays off beautifully in the end, because you need to bring the harmony of your heart and soul into your work, instead of rushing into it, like flowers take time to blossom. {If you can't tell, I'm reading a lot of philosophy lately, hehehe!! :3}

After seeing your suggestion that I could design a banner for you guys, my head has been buzzing with ideas. Would you have me make it with screens of Yoshi-san from Tekken 7, or shall you have me draw it up and paint it digitally? ^_^ By the way, if you're curious about my art, I changed my website on here to my art team's deviantArt gallery. It's in need of updating, since it's mostly just story character designs, but the ones on top are recent from earlier in the year.

I would also love to design buttons if you would have me to, for the different sections using Yoshimitsu's many masks on each button, what do you think of this idea? :3

edit: Would it be all right if I follow you on twitter, Tenshimitsu? :3 . . . Since Grey mentioned it, and I'm also always on there {and tumblr}. ^^;

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