Fanfiction Pairings

# Aozame32 : But Yoshimitsu/Jun is real love. :P

Hehehe, aaw, if only. . . ^_^ I've recently come to like Jun with Yoshi-san, before that I only ever thought of her with Kazuya, since she mothered Jin, but after seeing a few fanarts of Jun x Yoshimitsu, I realised they could've been kindred spirits. That's the first time I ever liked Yoshi-san with a canon character, in Tekken, that is.

My brothers and I sometimes played around with Yoshimitsu x Setsuka in Soul Calibur, since she was a close friend of my OC who was Yoshimitsu's assistant. Ironically enough {or maybe it was our thoughtwaves being sent out to Namco!! ^_^} Setsuka did actually appear alongside NPCs, who I believe were Manjitou members in one of SCIV's story modes. I threw them in my old fanfic novels as Manji Clan members, anyhow. Another pairing for an one shot was Yoshimitsu x Hilde, based on his comment upon initially seeing her, "Such beauty. . ." which he says with such wonder and admirable respect.