Havent We Been Here Before?

Hey there Pris! Glad to see you posting again. I remember the days when the site was active with all the Yoshi artists, writers and players here. It was a lively time but maybe we've just reached a tranquil time. The days come and go but whether the site is rowdy or relaxed, I'm fine with either :)

There's still a few of us that are fairly active around here. I'm more on the gameplay side so that's mostly the content I've been posting. I very much do love all the other things Yoshi represents though. I wish I had more skills to share other content but I'm more inclined to view than create. I look up Yoshi on my own time now but I do miss people sharing them here. Hopefully Yoshi fans new and old drops by in the future. 

Hope to hear from you more :D