Destroy the poster above

 Hhahaaha OMG AK That killed me too! Sooo funny!


Little did the crazy plz plz plz Gooby Horse man know, there was a strange banana in the area...  A GREAT... BIG... ILLUMINATED BANANA.   So beautiful that plz plz plz Gooby Horse man could not resist it.   "Oh HOLY SWEET LORD THAT IS SOME BANANA! ...He cried.  "I WANT IT!!!  I WANT IT SO BAD!"   He grabbed that banana this a firm grip of his hoof....  Manically hailed "YES! FINALLY!  I HAVE ALL THE POTASSIUM IN THE WORLD!!!!"  And I am also ruler of Kazakstan!  How very nice!!!   ...In the zest of the moment, he looks up and sees is Dolan.  He realises this is some bad banana.  Dolan says "Goooby horse man plz"

Gooby horse man plz has dishonored himself and his entire family of mutant horses. He decides to do the right thing, and throws himself off a cliff.