SF x Tekken 2013 Patch!

sorry for my abrupt absent, but the new patch is quite a godsent.

Gehosen and his Anti airs:
the 4 fr invincibility on his mp Gehosen is 'okay', but not as good as expected. it gets stuffed with jabs and meaties, because the initial startup attack of his gehosen comes a lot later compared to the generic shoryuken. Use with caution if your knocked down and you want to get out. lp.gehosen is completely invincible against air attacks, so you don't need to worry about trading hits or anything, you WILL ALWAYS beat your opponent, and continue juggling him with another gehosen. If you feel like it you can tag cancel for even more damage.

You can combo in his ex suicide, to do one of the most damaging combos available in the game.
any lp or lk, chained into a standing mk, makes this possible. (remember this is guaranteed off of a hitconfirm)

Overhead (f.mk):
his poison wind combo f.mk, f.mp is one of the best overheads in the game now.
f.mk, f.mp xx backdash: this has 8 frames of invincibility and you can cancel the backdash to all his specials.
You can now do combos like fmk, fmp xx backdash cancelled -> EX Gehosen or fmk, fmp xx backdash cancelled-> EX Windmill .
These combos aren't that viable, but what you CAN do to make the overhead safe is:
1. just leave it at the backdash and hope your opponent whiffs their attacks in the first 8 frames
2. backdash > cancel the backdash in windmill -> charge windmill for at least 1 frame and cancel the charge in a backdash
3. cancel the backdash to a teleport.
option 3 is the easiest and most safe option you can choose, because Yoshi's teleport is FULL SCREEN.

The main tool of f.mk, f.mp is to tag cancel in your partner.
It's amazingly strong, because it has far range, does multiple hits and keeps your opponent grounded.
(one of the main reasons why it's one of the best in the game)

This allows your tag partner to come in, and do his most damaging combo available. This can involve launching your opponent, doing a bound and finishing off or tagging yoshi right back in with a boost combo.

f.mk is comboable on its own as well.
If the opponent was crouching, and you stored a CH (by charge cancelling windmill to lvl 1 for example), you can combo off of it with yoshimitsu alone without wasting meter (boost combo into launcher or cr.lp, lp.Gehosen, cr.lp, st.mk, HP Gehosen for example).

Super sword poke whirlwind:
His super whirlwind has a lot more invincibility and can be effectively used as an Anti Air now. The super also has complete invincibility against projectiles and can catch every single opponent throwing one with ease. Even Guile and Jack-X.
You don't have to guess, just see ryu throw out a hadouken, launch super, see the hadouken pass right through you and Ryu getting sucked in.
Yoshi is now a very viable fireball punisher (if he has 2 meter or charges his windmill to super)

# twistedsenses :
I was hoping that they'd fix the hitbox on Sword Poke Windmill though; I've had numerous characters just kick Yoshi right out of it with dumb tatsu's and the like. Still, these buffs...are amazing.

@twistedsenses : sword poke windmill only works on grounded opponents, or opponents who jump very badly. It isn't designed to be used as an Anti air.
Ryu and Ken's tatsumaki have been nerfed ridiculously, like seriously really bad, so you won't have any trouble if they air tatsu you.
EX windmill can be used as a viable anti air, but with his new lp.gehosen (his shoryuken), wich is completely invincible against air attacks, offers A LOT more damage in 2013 and requires no meter, the decision on what to use is a lot more obvious.

guard > punish with shoryuken or any jab combo, ground tatsu and a good jumping heavy attack are their only way of punishing your windmill attacks.
You can bait the tatsumaki and jumping by charge cancelling your windmill with a backdash. Punish accordingly for maximum damage.

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