~*~ Yoshimitsu Movelist/Juggle Help ~*~

When you are in Sword Stance, your general bound move is d+2, 2, d+1! yes? that's 3 hits. your best option to replace this in the absence of d+2, 2, d+1! is b+2, 1~KIN 1!. i rarely use uf+4 as a bound move. watch this for a general idea, i use raven as a secondary, but this video show's what you can do with yoshimitsu after all launchers. http://www.youtube.com/embed/4k72tQouFTg

If you're talking about throw-tag combo starters, you have ff+2, not really a combo starter, but you should b able to get a free hit with your other character. kunimitsu's f+1+4 throw (she grabs them, sits on them like xiaoyu does and throws them over her), can be tagged. Yoshimitsu can come in with a d+2, 2, d+1! if they try to tech straight after the throw.

as for yoshimitsu being the tag filler, best option is "b+2, 1~KIN f+2" for no wall situations.
for medium ranged wall situations, you can do "[3, 4]~U (dragonfly) wall!, db, uf+3+4, 1, uf+3+4"
for long ranged wall situations, you can do "d+2, 2, 2+3 (NSS) wall!, run in, uf+3+4, 1, uf+3+4"

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