SF x Tekken 2013 Patch!

 I'm very mixed about it honestly. I'm caught between your two opinions; it could be...all for the naught, and SF x T hasn't been the best situation or handle of a game...but it could be hype and an amazing patch/fix. I -really- would like to see the game prosper; it's a great concept, and it has it's fun moments. It was just...handled poorly, and people lump the dlc issue in with the overall gameplay and it lost popularity far too fast.

I used Yoshi/Raven....I can forsee a possible Raven nerf here or there, but I'm really hoping there's some tweaking as far as Yoshimitsu is concerned. As said, his hitboxes and frame advantage especially. It sounds a bit selfish, but I'd like to see some property changes on his moves/potential new moves? Suicide could be made...more useful without a glitch; give it invincibility frames of -some- sort, or something to that degree.