tekken rank cheating

 I'm sorry I didn't realize that I posted in the wrong forum.

And maybe we can't stop them, but I've tweeted harada san exposing the top cheater and asking if he considers this acceptable.

And our team is now devoted to defeating these cheaters and calling them out publicly. Maybe we can't make them stop cheating, but we can hunt them down in game and call them out on wtf.

And we are naming and shaming these cheaters in the wtf forums.

I for one would like to be able to watch actual replays of yoshimitsu fights instead of seeing people use him to cheat.
And I don't want yoshimitsu to gain a reputation for being a tool for cheaters.

I'm trying to do everything I can, because yoshimitsu is and has been one of my favorite characters of any story for the past 17 years (and one of the few true good guys in any story), and I work hard to be fair and sportsmanlike in my playing. If my team has devoted themselves to hunting these cheaters because I discovered this occurring, I will work to help in any way I can. 

And again, if only one person here joins us in our hunt, you have my sincerest thanks.