tekken rank cheating

 I know I haven'tt been active on these forums. Actually, I think this site is one of the coolest things on the internet, but I've never had much to say.
I would like to say hi to everybody here and contribute to this site in some way, rather than just show up and start asking for favors.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything but bad news to share:

Our(or at least my) hero for the past 17 years is currently being besmirched!
Namcobearlaoxu, the #1 player on the ps3 leaderboards for Tekken tag 2 is exploiting Yoshimitsu by having his friends use double suicide to boost his rank, and is also using yoshimitsu to boost the rank of people on his team!

I'm sorry for asking a favor as my first post, but please, anyone who loves yoshimitsu and wishes to uphold his reputation among those that own a ps3, please help me put a stop to this outrage!

Anyone interested, please message Manjinyoshimitsu at wtf.Tekken.com and tell him Yoshiforever sent you to join The Manji Clan to help stop cheaters and clear Yoshimitsu's good name.

Otherwise, at this rate, Yoshimitsu will become known as a tool for cheaters to boost their rank.

If even just one person joins and actively hunts these cheaters with us, you have my sincerest thanks.