About Throws

Tenten, agree with you. however i also think that unique sounds isnt the way to go. as mattsu said, in arcades there's lots of interferance.
HOWEVER!! i have a better solution..... its.... COLOR!

remember in T6 when a character grabs there's this purple blot when the hands make conact with the opponent?
why not just use differently coloured blots to distinguish different throws? PURPLE, GREEN AND BLUE or even RED, so long as the colors implemented are very distinctive in any arena, stage, environment and even in confusion.

i have another suggestion.

I've met alot of good players online, and i wanted to fight atleast 10 of them in player matches. in other words, i wanna have the ability to host my own online tournaments by hosting a room thats capable of accomodating 10 players instead of T6's 4 players. i think itll be kool if a bunch of bad-asses were to get together in a hype 10-man tournament and battle till their hearts content. ALSO! record mode. instead of recording ranked matches only, i'd like to record some player matches as well.

and please kindly fix the netcode, tekken is the only game i have trouble with when it comes to online gameplay quality. i have no trouble with street fighter 4 nor with halo reach nor with modern warfare 3, only tekken.

one more request!

i wish to have yoshi's wardrobe updated. give him more of a "warlord" wardrobe, kinda like heihachi's wardrobe. u kno? give him some serious armor, and include BLACK AURA.

*here i am rambling my concerns and i dont even know if mr. harada even visits this divine forum*