About Throws

 Yes, that's why the reaction time would be shorter (shout at the beginning of the very throw animation), but hey, there would be a possibility. "want to break on hearing shouts? Go practice it!". At least there's a chance of breaking a throw in a chaotic situation if you're cold-blooded enough.

I also identify Lars' SE 2 move by the sound, but is it wrong? It also requires some knowledge and reflexes. 

I think it would be an ideal change.

P.S. I was just reading some master thesis about reaction times on sound in a "choice test". They had average reaction time around 500ms (compared to testing sight reflexes which varied around 300ms on similar test), so it's really not that of a good result.

Of course we as gamers have a lot better reaction times, but well... breaking throws on animation is not a mere "green light - red light" test, but a matter of seeing a complex animation from different sides and on different angles, too many times we're forced only to guess because we can't see anything. Not to mention dark stages + dark clothes, customizations, and Zafina/Christie's tiny arms, etc.

I would love to have this additional feature in TTT2. I count on Harada to implement it. It can be adjusted however they wish as for shout duration and reaction time, but it really should be there.