A Good Mystery

Gather around manji clannads, gather around.

I would like to show you what i've stumbled upon. Also i want you all to share what you've stumbled upon.

I took up the interest of researching the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. I've found that he was given an honorary title called KENSEI [Sword Saint].
Only one Kensei can exist at a time, just one! and Musashi was ONE of them that received that title during the samurai era.

You see where am going with this?... no?

Alot of modern Anime arts were quietly influenced by something or someone an average modern man never knew or heard of....

Shippuden's Hanzo was a legend, it seems as though he was born with Hattori Hanzo in mind..... both legends, and nothing much known about
them other than the fact they kicked ass when they were still breathing. Not interesting? ok... try this...

While looking through the list of Kensei that ever existed, one guy caught my eyes, it took me a while to realise why i was so drawn to him or better yet, drawn to his story. No one knows shit about this guy. The man's a total mystery. He appears and disappears as he pleases. He even pulled a jesus stunt where he vanished for years and suddenly shows up handing people their asses... sounds familiar? it is even said that he lost an eye, but not even that could be confirmed. he's completely shrouded in mystery like our beloved friend.

Here's the more chilling part. His name is Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi<-Get it?
Mitsu<->Yoshi<->Mitsu. its kool to note that YoshiMitsu translates to [Good Mystery]

Jubei vanishes and came back with some serious sword skills. So much so he was bestowed an honorary title... Kensei
No one, and i mean NO ONE knows anything about him other than a name and the clan he was from. Anything anyone knows CANNOT be confirmed.

Yoshimitsu... well we all know his story... he basically has no background in his life other than the fact instead of losing an eye he lost his left arm.

My conclusion is that Yoshimitsu is Jubei, or atleast ir partially based off Jubei.