Tekken 7..... And Yoshi ! And also kunimitsu

 yoshimitsu probably will have a new move or 5 and that'll be about it, that's always the case when newer tekkens get released. Old characters keep their old command list but get 5 or more new moves, just to create more variation and depth. And yeah it's true that bryan is really strong and can do big damage easily, but that doesn't make him necessarily OVERPOWERED, it's true that I always complain and curse when I get beat up by a bryan player, but most of the things byran do and that can lead into big combos are really unsafe. But tekken is pretty balanced I think thats why there are so many different tier lists of tekken 6. In the end tekken is all about mind game and shenanigans anyways, some character are just more easy to use than others.

btw NOOOO he should stop copying mitsurugi !!