YOT Awards - sign up thread

My turn to apply before it is too late.

1) I'm entering my Fan Fiction. This story does stand alone but is part of an on-going saga, so all of the characters in this story have their own stories and rich history. If I were a more talented writer, maybe this would be more obvious than I am able to make it. This story however, is where Yoshimitsu first entered this world and added to it's history. These days, he is part of the furnishings there :))

2) Why do I like Yoshimitsu? He is a shining light in my life. He gives me hope when times are dark, he gives me faith in others, not only through his stories but also though the wonderful people my Yoshi obsession has led me to. I've had so many adventures since finding this forum through Yoshimitsu. Some ended well, some ended in tears, some are only just beginning and others are still on-going. All of these advantures though, have enriched my life in some way, taught me things about myself that I'll hold forever. I have Yoshimitsu to thank for this and as such, I will forever be proud to call myself a Yoshimitsu fan.

3) Do I deserve to win? Maybe that is for others to decide, not me. Isn't it the taking part that matters anyway? Although, I can't help but smile when I recall something a fellow YOT member once said to me, 'winning isn't everything, it's just the only thing that matters'. I have no idea where he got this quote, or if he invented it himself, but I still say this myself sometimes and laugh.

4) I'm entering the fanfic section. I was going to use the birthday card I made for Angelboy to cheat my way into the fan art section too, but it's not really art, it's cutting and sticking. These are skills I learned in first school!!!

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