Yoshimitsu Cameo in Animation

wow. i had figured someone had just ripped the content and it'd be just dumped in a folder somewhere, naked- but this is really in depth. a lot of love's gone into putting all this information together, it's a real pity that it's not more public.

animated in flash- though when it's that sketchy, it could have been anything. and of course, you're welcome to host the animation here- i might even work in some kind of special extra so you have another little manjikai exclusive to lock away!

i have to finish some paid work before i can start on this yoshimitsu animation- and i'm still shakey on who would be the best character for his opponent. i guess his main beefs are with kunimitsu, bryan, raven and heihachi. i'm a tekken guy, so you'll forgive me if i'm ignoring any SC related feuds he has. should i put up a poll in the general forum?