Yoshimitsu Cameo in Animation

Okay, I can send them, but I personally can't stand Kunimitsu so please, don't feel you need to make that animation for ME. Although I am sure there are plenty here who would really appreciate it.

I ask for only two things in return; one is that you ask Tenshimitsu's permission first as these are her property and no one else has the right to share them, and two, if you DO use them, please write that they are from this site and add a link back to us. Oh and please don't share them publically.

Let me know how you get on, hope you manage to get the files soon. We're not deliberatley being awkward, we'd LOVE new yoshi vids (which we can lock up in our volts too ^^). It's just like I say, the files belong to Tenshi and are Yot Memeber only for a reason.

Also, loved your vid. Would love to see more yoshi vids in future ^^


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