Yoshi match vids... (from me... NEED CRITICISM)

haha, thought this thread was deleted. While looking around the forum, I realized that it is moved into the media section. heh. Thank u all for ur feedback. :)

Tenshimitsu : OK, now time for little review :)

I liked your Yoshi being highly offensive. You had many nice set ups, the Flea, Indian sit and DGF games were good. In the DGF setup, the mixup with DGF 4 isn't that scary. Try to mix up DGF 1 with DGF 3. This is scary! :D After both hits you have d/f+1,2,D/B+2,2,2,2,2 easy combo.

u/f+3 in the back: d/f+1,2,D/B+2,2,2,2,2 is the easiest combo. The fun part with these spins is that they recover fast enough for another u/f+3+4~1+2 game.

Your opponent wasn't too much familiar with Yoshi, was he? He ate way too much FC,d/f+3. The way he reacted on Flea... FC,d/f+3 is a good low kick, but it's also quite visible.

You didn't use too much SS+1, Sword Sweep, u/f+4, d/f+1,1, f+3+4... I could also hardly see d/f+2. These moves are among the best Yoshi possesses. If you start using them, you'll get a solid level-up. I assure you. :) It's good you use d/b+2,2,2 spins!

I liked your u/f+3, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, u/f+3 into u/f+3+4~1+2.
Versus King, this also works:
u/f+3, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, d/f+3 (and your setup)

Also, you can do this versus King: FC,d/f+3, WS+4, d/f+1,1,1 (and d+1 if you feel it will hit)

Nice flash game. :) I also saw many BT flash after WS+2 attempts :p

Good little custom strings. Personally, I also use a lot of jabs, d+4, WS moves and d/f+4. Try to incorporate into your strings low punches, SS moves, d/f+1,1 and more d/b+2,2,2 spins, including f+2~D/B+2,2,2. Low punch is Yoshi's basic interruptor. :)

Generally, I liked your Yoshi... but with SS+1, Sword Sweep and d/f+2 (not to mention some other moves I listed), he would be much more powerful. But what I can say is that you feel Yoshimitsu. You can only be better and better.

Great criticism. :) Just what I needed.

The King player is a pupil of mine. T5 is the first tekken he gets serious into, though he had played tekken since 2. I did not start yoshi until during the summer, and he wasn't around until the fall semester starts. Overall, he has not gotten used to block my low yet with exception of Flea f+3+4 and DGF 3, so I have used Fc d/f+3 quite alot. But once he start blocking low, that is when u/f+3 comes into play. :D

I noticed that I don't use DGF+1 as much as I used to, partly due to the fact that I was lazy to realign myself toward my opp. I will actually now get rid off my laziness and actually press an "f" before 1, haha.

Heh, u noticed that I had trouble juggling BT opp post u/f+3. Thank u for the juggle. With that, I can do more FC mixups after opp lands, har!

With ss+1, I did not find my opp to be aggresive enough. Versus the Ling player, I use ss+1 alot to catch CH. I am somewhat linear in terms of defense, and I will also work on not being too linear.

I will be looking for more sword spin followups... my current ones are mostly saw thru that my opp does not fall for anymore. I have watched the fight between Qdogg and souten again recently and noted some nifty tricks from souten with his sword use. Will be stealing the stuff he uses into my game. heh.

And yeah, I suck at d/f+1,1. Need help on that one. I know what to follow up after d/f+1,1, but I donno what do do before d/f+1,1.

Perodious : Last thing I can suggest, you can always mix up stances when you go to Poison Wind (U/F+3+4), instead of just going into DGF, try to go into IND or do the Silver fist to confuse them :).

Heh. for that one, I have recently found a good use of it.

A juggle of mine:

u/f+3 f+1 b+1,1,(1),1 u/f+4

I used to (as shown in vid) follow up with f,f+1+2, which will catch opp backroll. However, now that they realized it, they stays on the ground. A u/f+3+4,1+2 will rejuggle them up to the air if they decided not to move, allowing me to go into stance mixup. :) Thx.

And yup, I am not familiar with MED yet. I wanna be good at it, but I have not found any solid strat thread according to it. I am looking forward the new Yoshi T5 FAQ... heh. *applies pressure to tenshimitsu*

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