Yoshi skill project

BT stance variations

Yoshimitsu can switch to BT (BackTurned) Stance after these moves:
- f,f+1+2
- WS+2
- teleport in place d+3+4,f
- teleport d+3+4,2 if your opponent is running at you
- jump-over opponent
- after missing with f+3+4
- 3+4~f~u/f~n
- going on the other side over lying opponent by u+1+2
- f,f,n,1+4 Confusion
- f+3+4~b,U/F~n (Kamikaze cancel)

Standard moves that can be done any place in BT:

and other... (low punch (d+1), low kick (d+4), hopkick (U/F+4)... etc.)

(*) This is "nearly at the same time" input. You press the direction one frame faster, hold it and then the buttons... require some practice, but is quite easy)

Solar Kick (f,f+1+2) and extensions

All the lowkicks, hopkicks, low jabs etc. are working, besides Flash u+1+4... because this command is already busy. You can wait a little anyway... but I would not recommend it.
Solar Kick Soul Siphon: f,F+1+2~1+4
Solar Kick Possession: f,F+1+2~F+1+4
Solar Kick Evasive Sidespin: f,F+1+2~b+3+4,3+4...
Solar Kick Manji Spin Slaps backwards: f,F+1+2~D/B+2,2,2,2
Solar Kick Deathcopter: f,F+1+2~U/B+1+2 (etc)
Solar Kick DGF: f,F+1+2~u+1+2
Solar Kick Sit f,F+1+2~d+3+4
Solar Kick Sword Impale: f,F+1+2~u+2+3
Solar Kick Sword Spin: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1
Solar Kick Sword Spin~Cancel: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1~b,b
Solar Kick Ochimusha Hunter: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1+2
Solar Kick Sword Slash: f,F+1+2~D/B+1
Solar Kick Moonsault Slayer f,F+1+2~QCF+1
Solar Kick Bad Breath: f,F+1+2~n~D/B+1+2~any (wait a second after SolKick to execute Bad Breath)

Anyway, Bad Breath can be buffered after any Move that leave you in BT.

Something to train:
WS+2, BT 3~D/B+2,2,2, BT d+3+4~2, BT u+1+4~D/B+1+2~3

Good luck! :D

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