Destroy the poster above

jfjufjug was thinking he was so cool and hard, and began to walk away from the scene. There was suddenly the sound of pipe organ music, a short jingle, and he turned towards the sound. Clouds of dust and awesomeness materialised above the dirt and through the clouds, rose up many arms, and then heads, torsos and finally bodies. An undead army had gathered on the scene.

There were zombie girls, zombie men, zombie dogs and cats and even a zombie rainbow hamster. One zombie wore a Spiderman suit and there was a ninja. Michael Jackson was even there, from his Thriller days, in that cool red jumpsuit.

A girl appeared on the scene, Jembru, and cried out with such delight, 'Oh yey, my darling zombie pets have arrived as planned.'

Jfghghsgshjsgdfhdhh began to step away nervously, his fingers fumbled his weapon. He raised it shakily and shot towards the undead hoard. He hit Bones McGee, a zombie who had long since lost his flesh, and the creature fell to the floor.

Enraged, Ninja Zombie threw his undead death star at jfghthdjskshgj who was instantly stunned upon it's connection with his chest. He dropped his weapon and Jembru's voice sung out again as many undead arms grabbed jfhghjsjsgjkk's body to hold him still.

'Skippy, Skippy... my dearest Skippy.. dinner is ready.'

A zombie stepped forwards. The reanimated remains of a young male, perhaps 18-24 years (the decomposition process makes it hard to be more precise). He had an eye missing, just the end of the optical nerve hung out, limp, over the rim of the socket, his brain was exposed, and his head appeared to be balanced tentatively upon his neck, as he regularly grabbed it, to prevent it from falling off. Skippy the zombie, seized Jfghtjkghdjjdh in his hands and promptly cracked his skull like a walnut.

The zombies, who had been eagerly anticipating the feast, were terribly disappointed when they saw the small size of the brain inside the smashed skull. Jembru, never liking to see her dear pets go hungry, took them all to McDonald's for Happy Meals instead.

*incidentally, the toy is the most edible part of a Happy Meal, but zombies aren't too choosy.

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