Yoshi match vids... (from me... NEED CRITICISM)

I reckon they were perfect NoodleHead, right another note-taking experience for me.

*starts writing notes on a notepad*

There is nothing much I can criticise. I've only watched the first video because my download limit isn't that big. There was much use in Indian stance, maybe you can try and use meditation, then cancel it into a grab, Poison Breath or B+1+2, something that whiffs.

Haven't seen much side stepping, but I've only seen the first movie so I can't really say much about that. Side stepping isn't much of a problem though, I side step too much when versing my brother and I always get caught by a sidestep catch move :(

It looked like you knew a lot about King which is good! Knowing your enemie's characters give you a better chance of whiffing, blocking and retaliating :).

Last thing I can suggest, you can always mix up stances when you go to Poison Wind (U/F+3+4), instead of just going into DGF, try to go into IND or do the Silver fist to confuse them :).

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