The most noobish noob thread ever..

Haha, no my roommate works a lot of night shifts (sleep-ins) and she's also a 'clubbing at weekends type' (I'm more of a 'pubbing through the week type'), so she said I can hook up the PS3 to her TV. I'm quite sure I'll get plenty of chances to play on it while she's on a late shift.

Also, I'm not quite as shit at this game as I thought. I've been watching those youtube guides and you know what?? I've been doing it wrong!! Rusty taught me how to play and I haven't been blocking when I thought I was (no WONDER I'm always being hit) and he even told me the wrong thing for side stepping... he told me to tap twice but the youtube dudes said once and once works!! I should have learned from the internet long ago really.

Also, the manual says there is a tutorial on the game, where is that? I'm assuming it's in campaign mode, but I haven't explored that yet.