The most noobish noob thread ever..

# vijay_kumar_cute : What the hell.... Alisa is ADORABLE Robot.. And especially cute one too... Err i didnt know that there was Yoshimitsu stage O.o awww come on... I played entire campaign for Yoshi's stage and i didnt get to see him...where did i miss. Pls tell.. Speaking of campaign mode what are all Yoshimitsu related dialogues you have observe... Lei says to be saved by the head of Manji clan is an honour or something like that. And hei say thief and etc ...what other dialogues...
do steve's stage on hard difficulty.
(you can only do hard difficulty if you've beaten campaign mode once)
defeat the 1st ninja that you will see in the corner.
press pause and exit the stage.
go to yoshi's stage.
kick his awesome ass.
you unlocked yoshimitsu