What is your favorite tekken character

No, Koga... you're not the only one. My Rating would be first Tekken 3 Yoshi, then Tekken 4 and the last (so far) - Tekken 5 Yoshi.

Tekken 4 Yoshi is also great. He was more "invisible" than in any Tekkens before. True "yoshi" (good luck) because people couldn't hit me many times at all. :D He had exceedingly good mobility, and his BT was solid: he "knew" when he was in BT and when NOT. And so you felt that in tekken 4 you had a total control over Yoshi's actions. I loved the little, buggy but also powerful Yoshi there. If not Jin, he would absolutely rule this game.

Tekken 5 Yoshi feels as if he lost something. You're right, Raven, about the d+3+4 and b+1+2 moves. They SUCK sometimes. Especially b+1+2 (what a disadvantage on block!!!!!! >_<), and d+3+4 not only has poor range... Yoshi is vulnerable both just after this move AND during the execution! Can you believe this SHIT? (excuse me... but I'm getting nervous everytime I start to think about what they did to Yoshi in T5).
Tekken 5 is now even more PRECISE. And Yoshi's actions were just about taking advantage on the lack of precisive movements of your opponents. In the other words: tracking and overwhelming RANGE of opponents attacks can paralyse Yoshi's dance. His disadvantages on moves' whiff are devastating for his health.

Geez... I'm soon going to make a whole essay about this. :) Please... I'll make an article soon, I'll describe my feeling there, OK? :)