Tekken 7..... And Yoshi ! And also kunimitsu

Yoshimitsu.. Is awesome already but what would you like to add to his awesomeness or attractiveness *there is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness* .... So list out the moves you think, might make Yoshi in top tier. Personally i would like the option to go into flea after kamikaze and kamikaze itself should be a launcher ^.^ beware. So we can get the option of good oki or use it as juggle ender with flea. May be launch should be on ch. And they should give 1ss f1+2 bound in nss. Kin u1+2 should track(its not a hit though) . Giving back the old d/f 2 in 1ss and return of fc D/F3 of Tekken 5. And also flea should be a better stance like low hit should be unblockable to flea, flea jump should lead to combo, flea roll back ¿ Flea mid safe poke, cause flea stance is like a free juggle to opponent or i am just noob. Dragon fly should have more awesome moves. Make Yoshi bt powerful mainly flash, making Yoshi not susceptable to bt throws* coolest guy in Tekken eh* and most importantly give up back the d+1 as unblockable. 3~4 doing as Just framegrab on pressing 3+4 at hit *yai yai yai* just like lee. Oh and one more i would like the old Tekken 3 side grab spiritual division or something where he divides into 2 awesome anime. Guys my list would never end but give us more of your crazy thoughts afterall we are Y.O.T. Finally how about making kuni come back with some of new ninja moves. Come on fellows spam. XD