School Today!!

Me me me!!! I do!! I guess a lot of people on here will actually. Though I am cheating a little because I work in a college. It's a new job so I'm a little nervous but also excited. That isn't my only job though, because it is only part time. The money is quite good but I would like to save for my next big adventure (and the little adventures on the way), so I will work two jobs. The good thing is that I am technically self-employed so I am in control of when I work and how much work I do. That suites me really well because I'm the kind of person who likes her freedom, hates routine, and likes to be spontaneous!

Oh, and I am also just about to start an evening class. It is in a school so that surely counts too, right?. It is an intermediate German class so I can finally get some confidence and practice in speaking. This might sound impossible, but I recently took a GCSE (UK high school level) German exam and for reading and listening I got almost 100% but for speaking and writing I only got about 30%. Crazy isn't it? So I really need this course because communication can't be a one way street!!