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What´s new?-01.06.2003 ; Information ; Disclaimer
Tell a Friend about this Shrine!

If you're a great fan of Tekken series or Yoshimitsu by himself, then I have the pleasure of welcoming you to the site I spent effort on. However, if you don't know whom I'm talking about or simply you don't like Yoshi, you won't find anything interesting for you here.

As the title claims, this site is COMPLETELY dedicated to Yoshimitsu and all Yoshi-related topics, so I hope that everybody who loves him will enjoy uncovering pages and maybe will read something new about our favourite Space Ninja.

It's also YOUR site. I will appreciate all comments, suggestions about this site as well as movies, sounds, pictures, screenshots, strategies, combos or whatever you want to publish here, credit for you of course.

Let's allow Yoshimitsu Obsession Team to grow constantly...

Yoshimitsu forever!!!

WHAT'S  NEW? Handy links:

19.05.2003- Fanfictions' updates !
21.05.2003- Movelist update!
26.05.2003- Fanfiction Update
26.05.2003- New Yoshi-Team members
01.06.2003- Toramitsu in Opinion
01.06.2003- Janetmitsu in Debate!
I'm Yoshimitsu! Hah!

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[ 01.06.2003 ]
Today chapter 5 of Toramitsu's fanfiction it up. Read it now! Toramitsu has also placed a new post about her favourite Yoshi-moves in the Opinion section!
Ferther more, Janetmitsu and I have posted some comment on the Debating Society page.
Kiri (^^)v

[ 26.05.2003 ]
Greetings! A small update today: We got three new Yoshi-Chiimu members! Welcome, welcome! And Toramitsu wrote the next chapter of the Persuit of the Shadow Fanfiction!
Well, that's all for now.. Bye bye!

[ 21.05.2003 ]
Hello! I updated Yoshimitsu's Tekken 4 graphical move list, adding more Meditation and Solar Kick extensions. ^_^ See "Graphical Move List" for news! Some of the extensions are available in Tekken Tag as well, your task will be to find out which ones. ^_^ My work under Yoshi's extensions is still up, I think he has much more tricks to uncover. :) Also, you can find a post about his Meditation Techniques in our Forum.

[ 19.05.2003 ]
Two fan fictions are updated! Dinomitsu's "The legend of Yoshimitsu" and Darkwoodmitsu's "Yoshimitsu: The Man Behind the Mask". Have a nice reading! Jump to "Fan Fiction" page!

[ 18.05.2003 ]
Today we got two NEW Fanfictions for you. One by Toramitsu, and the other one by me, Kiri ^_~ Also, Darkwoodmitsu wrote the next chapters of his Fanfiction. Enjoy reading!
Kitimitsu has send us her new Tekken 2 Fanart! Great!
There are also two new Yoshi-chiimu members! Welcome, Janetmitsu and Venomintsu ^_^
That's all for today. Enjoy!
Kiri (^^)v

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